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Being cold and wet on the slopes will ruin your day faster than you can say, “I wish we went to the beach.” Weather conditions change rapidly in the mountains, and wearing the right clothing will not only ensure your comfort, but also the safety of your 10 fingers and toes. Putting some planning into the layers that you wear under your snow clothing will go a long way towards making sure you enjoy every moment of your next snowy adventure.   A layering system is typically made up of 3 elements:   Base Layer: This is the layer that’s in...

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So you’re all set to head away for snowy adventures in Australia, New Zealand, Japan or somewhere else on this white crystal plant! Whether you’re with the family, a group of friends, or solo day-tripping, there is nothing quite like the freedom of sliding down a mountain to forget your worries. But worries should be the only thing you forget on your next snow holiday. We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you out with the logistics of packing for your next trip to the snow:   Have you checked the weather?If you know there will cold or snowy weather it...

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